What & Why

We know that employees who have a purpose, a voice, and good relationships with their co-workers are more engaged, happier, and build more successful companies.

For founders, managers & directors

Gretel is how they keep their team up to date. Where they share news, begin meaningful conversations, and build solid relationships with their employees.

For employees

Gretel is where they come to understand how their work matters and where it’s taking the company. Where they come to voice their ideas and opinions and connect with their co-workers.

Gretel - Employee with a voice becomes a fan

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Jess - a founder, team manager character

Why are we building Gretel

Not long ago, I was working with a company. The company paid well, and the team members were friendly; however, despite these factors, people were jumping ship.

The unusually high turnover rate made completing projects and accomplishing objectives near impossible. We frequently took one step forward and two steps back.

It turned out people were leaving because, beyond everything else, they were unhappy and felt disconnected. They did not feel heard and didn't understand where the company was going and how their work impacted things.

The changes we made to help connect people with the company meant people stayed, and productivity, morale, and company culture all improved. Making the company more successful.

With Gretel, we're taking this and many more experiences like this, our knowledge of building teams, and helping other companies make a better place to work.