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We launched Gretel to empower employees in the organization they work for. Most company's knowledge is currently fragmented across different departments and applications, and SMEs use 73 different apps on average. Gretel helps every type of SME - from startups to more traditional ones - connecting people with the information they need to do their jobs via management software.

🙋‍♂️ Alex & Marti - Gretel Co-Founders

Alex and Martí launched Gretel in 2022 with an international vision from day one, surrounded by the best people in the industry. Gretel, as the name states, was born to find information in an easy way inside organizations, bringing more productivity at work.

We are strong believers in SMEs being the engine of the economy, and we are well aware of the chaos of information in most of these organizations. Information is more fragmented than ever as we keep using more and more apps, remote work has only accentuated this problem.

Who hasn’t ask himself some of the following questions? Who in the company can help me with a specific problem, where can I find that file, how can I file an expense, how a campaign is performing… with no clear results.

Gretel is fast-growing B2B SaaS startup with the ambition to solve an enormous pain that most of you can feel identified right now, we help companies to find information through all this chaos, with the vision to become the default starting point for all searches of information inside the company.

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