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We're unleashing the power of technology to employees, helping them to be in control and data-driven at their jobs.

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Our values

  1. Feedback
  2. No BS
  3. Move fast
  4. Optimism
  5. New skills & ideas
Gretel Team 2023

Our values

Applying our values is what helps us thrive, enjoy what we do, and ship our best work.



ask, listen, and learn

We are open-minded to different perspectives. We listen. We are empathic, trying to understand the other side, even if we don’t agree, before giving our opinion.


No bullshit


We get to the point; we are transparent, and brevity is our best friend. We're either for you or not, and that's great with us. You're not going to find buzzwords or find us cold calling you or spamming you with shitty emails. We stay focused on the little things that have an impact on getting us there.


Move fast

having fun

The opportunity is too big to sit and wait, so we need to go fast and work hard while enjoying the ride. We are builders with a hands-on attitude, addressing issues directly and quickly.



be creative

We are an early-stage startup. We have the odds against us, but we’ll become a billion-dollar company, at least. We never take “no” as an answer. We are true believers that there’s always a way to move forward, even in the worst situations!


New skills and ideas

entrepreneurial mindset

Even the smartest people know their limits, so be open to learning and sharing ideas. We spend time learning new skills and collaborating with other departments and companies. We are loyal to our values and the people we work with.

Our team

We are a motivated team of people willing to initiate change in the way people work.

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CEO & Co-Founder

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CTO & Co-Founder

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Growth Marketing Strategy

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Software Engineer



Software Engineer



SEO & SEM expert


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