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"We launched Gretel to empower employees in the organization they work for. It’s 2022 and we are still manually searching for all the data we need to do our jobs. We are tired and frustrated of spending 20% of our time looking for lost information through the growing number of apps we use.

- Alex & Marti. Gretel Co-Founders.


Alex and Martí launched Gretel in 2022 with an international vision from day one, surrounded by the best people in the industry. Gretel was born to integrate, analyze, and bring you the information you need to help you be smarter, data-driven and better at your job.

Who hasn’t asked himself some of the following questions? Where does this lead come from? Why didn't I notice this page's views drop down? How couldn't I know about that problem? Since when is this problem happening? ... without spending more than a day to get the answer? 

Gretel's mission is to ensure that we don’t miss any data or information that could be relevant to us. Making sure we can be supported with the information we need to make data-driven decisions and be aware of all anomalies and behaviors in real time. 

We have the strong conviction that small and medium enterprises are the backbone of the economy, and we are well aware of the informational chaos that pervades most of these businesses. The amount of information we have today is greater than ever, but it is hidden in the growing number of apps being used, making it unavailable to the right employee at the right time. 

Gretel is a fast-growing startup with the ambition to solve an enormous pain that most of you can feel right now. It will become the app employees check each morning before they start their day, when they are on the go, out of the office, or when multitasking.

Gretel connects all your information, analyzes it and brings the right data at the right moment so you can take the right action.

And... Why Gretel?

According to the fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm (See Grimmstories), Gretel and Hansel were forced into the woods and left a trail of breadcrumbs to follow their route and return home. However, the birds ate it, making it difficult for them to navigate. That emotion is what led us to Gretel.

At Gretel, we create our own path of bread crumbs called insights, so that employees can get the information they need in a personalized way and locate what they need when they need it, free from crumbs and birds.

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Grammar Nerd & Musician

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