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Google Ads

The easiest way to stay in control of your Google Ads campaigns.

Make sure you’re aware of any relevant changes to your Google Ads campaigns.

  • Understand your campaign results, track your ads performance, and compare it with previous periods.
  • Get a holistic perspective of all your active campaigns and what’s being spent.
  • Control your budget when someone is applying changes.
  • Instantly know when the strategy of your campaigns did change.
  • Receive budget reports to know how much are you spending.

Go to meetings with your team or agency more informed than ever. No slow, complicated interfaces here.


  • ActionsActions

    Alerts unusual peaks or dropoffs based on previous data.

  • ActionsActions

    Be informed of any campaign change.

  • Budget controlBudget control

    See changes in your budget and budget reports.

  • SummariesSummaries

    Shows weekly summaries of your Ads performance.


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