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Onboarding Gretel

Self-serve, onboarding, and more

You can now sign up and get going all by yourself. Let’s see what improvements made this possible.
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Alex HughesSep 26, 2023
Yes, we’re open for marketers!

Yes, we’re open for marketers!

Here's what we've discovered in Gretel after one year of working with markerting professionals like you!
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Martí GouSep 6, 2023

Filtering, Budget insights, and more

Our most requested feature is here: Filter insights in your feed. Also, Google Ads budget changes and budget summaries.
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Alex HughesAug 8, 2023
Challenges from outsourcing Marketing for small companies

Challenges of outsourcing Marketing for small companies

Outsourcing marketing resources can cause headaches. We must be prepared to take action to mitigate these problems.
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Lucia PonsJul 18, 2023
Marketing agency or in-house marketing Compare costs!

In-house marketing, hiring a Digital Marketing Manager

What is a Digital Marketing Manager? How much they charge per Country and should I hire one?
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Lucia PonsJun 21, 2023

6 New Gretel insights from your marketing apps

You now have 6 new Google Analytics insights in your Gretel Feed. Oh, and we've got some updates on recent bug fixes too.
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Alex HughesJun 20, 2023
Track your website search keywords in GA4

Track the keywords people search to find your website

Visualize your website's most search keywords finded in Google Search Console using a Google Analytics 4 report.
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Lucia PonsJun 12, 2023

Basic guide to understand Google Search Console

The keywords your users are searching for, the links driving traffic to your site and more in Google Search Console.
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Lucia PonsJun 6, 2023
Digital Marketing Manager vs Growth Marketing Manager

Differences: Digital Marketing & Growth Marketing Manager

Are you clear about which of these positions best fits the tasks you are performing? Check out the differences and find out for sure.
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Lucia PonsJun 6, 2023
The importance of analyzing and collecting marketing data

New sources. Top 10 channels. Session duration.

Gretel has some cool new stuff for you! We'll give you the lowdown on your web visitors every month and much more.
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Alex HughesJun 2, 2023