About us: Why Gretel? The story behind Gretel

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Lucia Pons

Aug 10, 2022

About us: Why Gretel? The story behind Gretel

Gretel was born to inform employees about what’s going on in their workplaces, bringing more productivity at work. In January 2022, Gretel was launched with an international vision from day one, surrounded by the best people in the industry. Today, we have more information than ever before, but it is hidden in the growing number of future work apps, making it inaccessible to the right employee at the right time.

To solve our mystery name, why Gretel? 🤓

As the fairytale story goes, while Gretel and Hansel were being driven into the woods to be left to their own devices, they began leaving a trail of small pieces of bread to keep track of their path and find a way back home 🥖. When the night fell and they were alone and hungry, they attempted to return home by following the trail left behind. This time they made it, but some months later their parents left them again in the woods. They had less bread, and the birds ate it while they were throwing it, making it impossible for them to find their way back, and they got lost deeper and deeper in the woods.

Gretel looking for information AI image

That feeling is what led us to create Gretel, your favorite co-worker. To get out of the woods, one has to stop wasting time looking for small “pieces of bread” and manually searching for all the information. At Gretel, we forge our own trail to provide employees with the right data and help them find exactly what they need when they need it, without the birds eating the crumbs 🐔.

Who hasn't asked themselves some of the following questions: Who in the company can I turn to for help with a particular issue? Where can I find the assets that were used to create the content? How can I find out what my team is working on? How can I know how a marketing campaign is performing if there are no clear results?

Gretel alleviates the immense pain that most of you are experiencing right now. It helps companies revolutionize the way people work and find relevant internal information in the midst of chaos.

Gretel was born in 2020. Alex, who oversaw numerous departments as the head of product design, found it difficult to manually search across various platforms for the data that was required. He became frustrated with the situation and made the decision to develop a tool to organize and make all the information available. They started to attract some interest from angel investors and venture capitalists as Gretel started to come to life. Alex eventually met Marti thanks to these introductions.


Marti was surrounded by start-ups and the entrepreneurial ecosystem while working at a VC firm. For a while, he had considered developing something to address the issue of finding the appropriate information while working, and Gretel was the epiphany he had been waiting for. Together, they would produce an information hub for your business, a new, smarter tool that integrates with your ecosystem of apps.

That is the story of how we got started and how we're making this incredible operating system that can deliver all the information required in a clever and simple manner.

Welcome to Gretel!

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