What does your team look like with and without a purpose?

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By Darià Artiola

Marketing, Gretel

Part of our with and without series that looks at what teams and people look like with and without the three pillars effective teams are built on - Employee Voice, Purpose, and Relationships.

Employee Purpose - Enthusiastic employee and unengaged employee - Gretel Company Management Software

An employee with purpose is full of energy. They bring a level of excitement and spirit to the team at every opportunity. They improve the people around them. Their effect on productivity, culture, and morale can not be overstated.

An employee without purpose can seem bored and uninterested. Getting them to engage and contribute can feel like pulling teeth. Communicating with them can often feel uncomfortable. Their lack of energy can lead to a drop in productivity in those around them.

Employee Purpose - Employee proud of their work - Gretel Company Management Software

An employee with purpose aims for the best. They not only do what is asked but also take it upon themselves to go beyond expectations. They are always trying to deliver their best work and push the company forward.

An employee without purpose aims for "good enough." They simply run through the motions and provide the bare minimum to complete their tasks.

Employee Purpose - Superhero employee who helps their team - Gretel Company Management Software

An employee with purpose is productive. They always deliver on their promises, meet deadlines, and play a critical role in the team and company meeting their objectives. These employees are those you know you can trust, and you know the company would be worse without them.

An employee without purpose procrastinates. They fail to meet deadlines, create extra work for others on the team, and objectives are repeatedly missed. These employees are unreliable and quickly become a liability.

Employee Purpose - Employee happy to leave the company - Gretel Company Management Software

An employee with purpose is committed to the long term vision of the company. They are happy and fulfilled in their work and are not easily pulled to opportunities away from the company.

An employee without purpose will leave their position for a new company the moment there is an opportunity.

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