With and Without Employee Relationships

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By Darià Artiola

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Part of our With and Without series that looks at what teams and people look like with and without the three pillars effective teams are built on - Employee Voice, Purpose, and Relationships.

Employee Voice -Employees Sharing Ideas - Gretel Company Management Software

An employee with a voice quickly shares any problems that pop up. They talk about issues in a calm, respectful, and empathetic way. They know they will be heard and listened to, and their problem fixed before it can become anything bigger.

An employee without a voice feels unable to speak up. They do not trust that the issues they are having will be taken seriously or even tried to be resolved. Even the smaller issues manifest overtime and quickly eat away at job satisfaction, motivation, and performance.

Employee Voice - Employee helping educate their team - Gretel Company Management Software

An employee with a voice shares their skills, knowledge, and experience. They are always pushing to make everyone around them better. They are happy to teach, explain, and share resources whenever asked. They make the whole company more productive and perform at a higher level.

An employee without a voice doesn't share what they know. Instead of helping those around them grow, they hoard knowledge and often go under-utilized and under-appreciated.

Employee Voice - Employee with ideas and sharing their thoughts - Gretel Company Management Software

An employee with a voice is excited to contribute ideas. They are always searching for new ways to make the company, themselves, and their co-workers better. When talking about plans and ideas, they bring an energy that inspires the whole team leading to improved performance and productivity.

An employee without a voice blindly does what they're told. They do not question or try to improve things because they don't feel like they are allowed too. They quickly grow frustrated, disengaged, and will leave the company and the first opportunity.

Employee Voice - A happy employee who has become a fan - Gretel Company Management Software

An employee with a voice embraces being part of the company and is more engaged, productive, and feels part of something. They feel loyal to the company and the team around them.

An employee without a voice feels the opposite, they are isolated. They feel disengaged and don't feel like a part of the company or team around them. They'll quickly look to go somewhere else.

Employee Voice - Employee happy and engaging with their boss - Gretel Company Management Software

An employee with a voice talks directly to management. There is no game of 'Chinese whispers.' Management hears directly from them and has open, healthy, and productive conversations.

An employee without a voice is only ever heard in-directly. Their ideas and thoughts get distorted along the way, and their original meaning is completely lost.

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