New Gretel app: Objectives. Set goals and align your team.

By Alex Hughes

Founder, Gretel

Screen built-in app objectives

Our newest in-app, Objectives, is already available. You can use this application to narrow your focus, set goals, monitor your progress with key metrics, and describe your initiatives to help you achieve your goals.

The built-in app called Objectives, which you can find in the Gretel Store, aims to help you manage your business and team. Gretel can help you automatically recognize the goals that are not being achieved by identifying the objectives on which you should be concentrating and those that are not performing as expected using intelligent recommendations.

Your team will be on the same page no matter whether you use Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Objectives and Key Results (OKR), or Key Performance Objectives (KPO) with Gretel.

Focus on your goals.

You can manage all of your goals and concentrate on the ones that need to be completed with the help of an intelligent tool like Gretel.

We are all used to using KPIs, OKRs, and other measurement indicators to track our objectives, but it is not always simple to take these factors into consideration because they are frequently contained in outside tools or documents that we don't regularly check.

Gretel Objectives has an intelligent algorithm that is being developed to assist you in determining which of your goals are being met and which are not, so you can concentrate your efforts on these projects and take all the necessary steps to achieve your objectives without having to look at them proactively.

Align with your team members.

Teams will be able to share objectives, see the objectives of other team members, and be integrated into the company's vision and primary goals.

By establishing overarching goals, team leaders can easily coordinate with various team members and cut down on the time needed to complete each team member's objective document. It may also be distributed through various media formats, with subsequent analysis and goal-based review.

Encourage team members to collaborate.

You will better understand the main problems that various departments are experiencing if you have everyone on your team share their tasks. Your team will feel more engaged, motivated, and able to help others and share problems with one another.

To feel like you are on the same team and to better understand how other team members work and what they are doing to accomplish their goals and help your business grow, it is crucial that you are in alignment with your objectives.

Boost the mission of your company.

Team members will feel more integrated into the organization and will know where their efforts are directed if daily objectives from each department and globally are shared.

Additionally, it strengthens the company culture and vision by fostering greater employee trust and keeping management in close contact with their teams.

The Objective app will also assist independent workers in coordinating their personal goals with the overall objectives.

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