+500 marketing terms and expressions. Find out what that means!


By Lucia Pons

Marketing brain

We've compiled 500 marketing terms and expressions that we've heard and Googled over the years. We want to share them with you so we can create a live dictionary for marketers! Feel free to write to us with modifications, suggestions, or any questions at hello@gretel.co


Have you ever felt like you don't understand exactly what you're hearing in a meeting? Or that you're working on an article and a word comes up that you've never heard before? You’re not the only one.

Marketing and communication are always evolving; they are alive! Marketing must constantly embrace new platforms, trends, and technologies as they emerge and find new ways to integrate with them.

That's why we decided to compile a list of 500 terms we've heard, read, or seen in the last few years. Some of them may already be out of date because marketing is changing so quickly and because new terms may emerge every day. For this reason, we need everyone's help to create and improve this list of terms.

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Let us know if there is a definition that doesn't quite fit, if a relevant term is missing, or if there is a grammatical error! It is a dictionary written by marketers for marketers, not by experts in each of these fields, and we may have missed or mixed up some terms.

Hope you like it! 💥

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