About us: What is Gretel? What are we building?

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Lucia Pons

Jun 30, 2022

About us: What is Gretel? What are we building?

Nice question... We assume you have heard of us if you are reading this, but we want to be clear and show you what we are building.

Gretel is a Barcelona-based start-up with a clear mission: transform how people work by creating the next generation of digital workspaces for businesses. How are we going to accomplish this? Simple: building the most intelligent end-to-end operating system for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that brings data to workers without them having to search for it.

Gretel is your only tool for managing your day-to-day activities; it is not just an application or another tool to use while working.

We are developing an interface that connects all the data from all the applications you are using in order to build an intelligent system that learns with you and gives you the content you need whenever you need it.

It might make you think of the way we consume content on the social media platforms we use today. Artificial intelligence (AI) is used in different contexts to comprehend user preferences and present them with pertinent content. An excellent article on social media platforms and AI can be found here.

We are using artificial intelligence and machine learning in the workplace to address the enormous information overload employees currently experience. We want to go a step further compared with all the different tools we use today and become your favorite coworker by making employees smarter at their jobs. 

Gretel adds to organizational intelligence with artificial intelligence and increases productivity by providing you with the appropriate data at the appropriate time.

You will increase the effectiveness of the resources and cut down on time wasted looking up information or doing work that has already been done.

How does it make you feel when Google offers you the document that you simultaneously open each day? Or when Instagram learns from your searches and presents you with content related to it that you'll actually enjoy seeing? Imagine all this together in one single space.

Customization and personalization are crucial for capturing interest and putting this true intelligence to work, delivering you the best possible experience, and developing a tool that is customized for you and tailored to the way you work. 

We won't use technical jargon to demonstrate how amazing Gretel is, but if you're still not convinced, watch our video of Gretel.

We want to open up new opportunities for smart work to everyone and introduce a new working approach that emphasizes intelligence, simplicity, and individuality.

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