Choosing a Unique Business Name: Branded Keywords

This is a quick post regarding the importance of being original with your business name. Why? Because it will play a big role in the long run when it comes to branded keywords.

Initially you won’t see many people searching for your business directly with statistics shown on Google Search Console, but eventually, if you are doing things the way they should be done and doing them well, they will appear there with more frequency and contribute to the growth of your business.

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Get Creative, Brainstorm Names

We believe it is really helpful to start with brainstorming and creating a unique business name. Your brand and branded keywords will eventually play a major role in your company’s presence online.

If you are a big fan of The Beatles, for example, and want to open a coffee shop called The Beatles, it’ll simply get buried in the 150+ million search results for the world-famous classic rock band. Now, if you want to call it The Beatles’ Convenient Coffee Nook that would be a different story, because you would be applying long-tail keywords as your brand.

Although, even with this long-tail keyword brand name, you may find yourself competing for a top spot online against The Beatles Cafe Lohegaon in India, or Warung Kopi The Beatles and The Beatles Coffee Shop in Malaysia. Prepare for battle… online.

A Candid Admission

Having said that, we are called Gretel, and we are aware that it is tied to other previously existing ideas, such as the well-known German fairytale, Hansel and Gretel from Grimm’s Fairy Tales published in the early 1800s.

That is why we go by Gretel Productivity Software more specifically, as it’s part of building brand presence / awareness in a long-tail format.

Be Consistent & Stick to It

Much like the creation and development of your company, building your branded keywords and digital presence with them will take time, lots and lots of time. That’s why we have to reinforce this concept with two simple ideas:

Be consistent and stick to it and don’t give up on it.

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