4 Tips to optimize Google Drive

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Lucia Pons

Jun 10, 2022

Google Analytic 4 Tips

Here we leave you four essential tips to help you optimize your use of Google Drive while boosting your attention and productivity!

Optimize your Google Drive - Gretel Data-Driven Marketing Company

Do you recall those ancient USB drives that involved huge and complicated ways of storing files? Well, that’s all a thing of the past thanks to the cloud! Google Drive accounts for the file storage portion of Google Apps and functions as an intelligent and comprehensive ecosystem.

First, let us introduce you to Google Drive:

  • Is a storage platform used by about 1 billion people worldwide in 2018!
  • Since they launched back in 2012, it’s stored trillions of files, and has more than 800 million daily users, according to stats given at last year’s Google I/O Conference.

That was probably unnecessary, as you may all have used Google Drive, but it’s interesting data we thought you might haven’t heard of. You can hardly find a business these days that doesn't use Google Drive. They are one of the biggest players in the era of synchronization and storage, and even though a lot of players have come out in the last few years, they keep being at the top.

One of the reasons why they are still used by a lot of people is that they don’t lose focus and keep improving their features every day. With the rhythm of work and stress, it is normal to not be fully aware of all updates. That’s why we want to bring you the most important things to take into account while using it.

Take care of the nomenclature of your documents.

We always forget about this and struggle to find a good name for a document. When different teams work on different projects within a business company, agreeing on a common language and conventions to use becomes important and also helps you to stop wasting time thinking about the best name that you will be able to remember the next time you want to look at the sheet.

To help you with naming, we share with you this article about the Hubspot naming convention. We love standardizing processes. That lets us align within a team and share the same structure.

Always check permissions before creating and sharing files.

“I don’t have access to that file”- How many times do you receive a file without the right permission? It’s a waste of time for both, the one sharing the document and the one having to request permission and wait for it.

So, before creating a file, always check the permissions to make sure everyone on your team will have access to it. For company documents that everyone can access, a nice tip is to set general access to all company members in your general folder, and all the documents inside will follow the same access.

Check here to see how to share folders in Google Drive.

Tips to optimize Google Drive - Gretel Data-Driven Marketing Company

Go further with your documents: Create Forms

Yes, as you’re reading! Google now allows you to create forms!

And, before you ask, yes, a lot of campaigns can benefit from this new tool:

  • Application for events
  • Internal feedback
  • Create Quizzes and Tests
  • Brainstorm sessions
  • Surveys
  • Organizing groups for your team-building.

Set the questions you want to cover and provide a set of responses or open text fields, then embed the form on one page. It’s easy, fast, and cheap!

Integrate your information with other tools.

Google Drive can be integrated with tons of tools!

For example, you can integrate information from your CRM (customer relationship management) when creating dashboards. Also, Slack offers you a quick integration with Google Drive to post a totally customizable message to a specific Slack group whenever there is a file change to a designated shared folder.

And of course, at Gretel, we integrate all Google Drive documents to have all your information by your side as well. Gretel and Google Drive work together easily - simply access the Gretel Store, which allows you to add or connect with applications you need to run your company. Like in any app store, you can find the apps you need and install them for you and your team to use. (Check here all our integrations)

So, if you’re looking to bring Google Drive closer to your company’s working world, take a moment and consider adopting the project management platform built around 3rd party integration to avoid any of the chaos when keeping track of information. Allow Gretel to empower employees in the organizations they work for!

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