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How to create a GA4 report to track your blog traffic

How to create a GA4 exploration to analyze your blog traffic

Read this guide to learn how to create new explotarions on GA4 to check your blog content.
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Lucia PonsMar 27, 2023
The final list +200 apps & tools for marketers

The final list: +200 apps & tools for marketers

Yes, we have definitely gone completely crazy, but here are more than 200 tools for marketers to increase productivity.
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Lucia PonsMar 20, 2023
Keys to lowering customer acquisition costs

Keys to lowering customer acquisition costs

The CAC is one of the main indicators used to measure the success of a marketing plan. Learn how to reduce it.
Javier IglesiasMar 7, 2023
Lead qualification a priority in your company

Lead qualification: a priority in your company

This process of qualification helps your revenue team determine if this lead fits your ideal customer profile (ICP).
Lisa FreitasFeb 23, 2023
6 Tips to use Notion

Notion for marketers.Tips & tricks

Are you a marketer using Notion for the first time? Then read the problems (and solutions) we found during first times using Notion in our little guide of Notion for marketers.
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Lucia PonsFeb 8, 2023
List of marketing communities 2022

List of marketing communities 2022

We compiled the most vibrant communities for marketers in 2022, along with some of our own comments. Download them for free.
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Lucia PonsJan 12, 2023

Social Media Trends: what lies ahead in 2023?

What will social media marketers expect in 2023? From nano-influencer to data and engagement analytics, let's check all the new social media trends for 2023.
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Lucia PonsJan 11, 2023
Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads: which suits you better?

Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads: which suits you better?

Does Facebook Ads work better for your company than Instagram Ads? Check the market recommendations!
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Lucia PonsJan 9, 2023
Virtual coffee: Marketing Strategies

Virtual coffee ☕️: Marketing strategies

Summary of the virtual coffe with Ingrid Cesareo, Marketing Manager, and Tomas Carchio, Growth Hacker Strategist.
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Lucia PonsJan 4, 2023
Google Ads playing smart

Guide to get the most of your Google ads

Many of us use Google Ads to enhance the positioning of our websites, but how can we find the most effective game plan?
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Lucia PonsDec 13, 2022

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