Personalization, not an option anymore

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Lucia Pons

Jul 15, 2022

Personalization, not an option anymore

Personalization is no longer an option; it’s becoming a must-have for survival. You can't afford to miss this train if you want to keep scaling your products and services. Let's find out why!

Let's start with some interesting data: according to a survey from Epsilon, 90% of respondents felt that personalized content was an appealing quality in a business, and 80% were more likely to do business with a company that offered a more personalized experience.

Advances in technology, data, and analytics allow us to personalize and provide more human experiences across all channels, forcing us to implement personalization in our products and services and the way we communicate them.

Today, more than ever, organizations recognize the value of personalization, and they make sure to provide valuable, personalized communication, content, and offers. Without personalization, you face the risk of offering an out-of-date value proposition to your clients.

Focusing on marketing department personalization has also been integrated in all our strategies and campaigns.

Marketing is the heart of a company (and I’m not saying it simply because I’m a marketer). It’s the way you tell the world about what you are building, by finding the right words and channels that are aligned with the company’s values, and we need to personalize since the first interaction with our prospects to provide a full experience aligned with our values.

Mass marketing is becoming less relevant and less effective as our world becomes more sophisticated. However, a McKinsey survey showed that only 15% of CMOs (chief marketing officers) believed their company was on the right track with personalization.

Today, more than ever, organizations recognize the value of personalization, and they make sure to provide valuable, personalized communication, content, and offers.

In just a few years, personalization has completely transformed the tech industry:

  • TikTok has created an algorithm that keeps you scrolling down automatically, based on the content you like the most.
  • YouTube recommends songs based on your personalized music taste.
  • Netflix has your next favorite movie detected before you even know it.
  • Google Drive offers you the documents that you regularly use the most, making them more accessible to you.

Fewer people would subscribe to Netflix if it only showed you movies that you already knew about, or if it only recommended their latest shows regardless of your preferences. As consumers, we ask for more.

Consumers are becoming more aware of their unique qualities and differences and how companies fit their goods to their needs, and personalization is something that we expect to engage with a product or service.

YouTube Marketing Personalization - Gretel Co Data-Driven Marketing

How do we apply personalization at Gretel?

At Gretel, personalization is one of our main pillars. Gretel algorithms control and modify the experience on the user’s behalf to create the best experience for their needs.

We are focusing on transforming the information a person works with on a daily basis into a personal digital workspace. That implies creating the best work operating system (Work OS) not only for a company, but especially for you.

Some of the content we show on our platform will be more relevant to one user than others, so personalizing the content that each user sees based on their preferences ensures that everyone has access to the right information at the right time and is most likely to engage with it.

At Gretel, no two user experiences are the same, even if they are working in the same team, as each user’s workspace is tailored specifically for them.

We are working hard to create the best experience for you. We invite you to become an early adopter and start testing it!

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