The final list: +200 apps & tools for marketers

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Lucia Pons

Mar 20, 2023

The final list +200 apps & tools for marketers

Yes, we have definitely gone entirely crazy, but here are more than 200 tools for marketers to increase productivity 🤯. Before we dive into the list, let's define the marketing tools for productivity improvement.

Let's examine productivity first. Productivity means being able to create, especially quickly and with high-quality results.

According to this definition, a "productivity app" is any tool that aids in increasing productivity or completing tasks in a marketing department more effectively.

In fact, all of the marketing tools we employ serve to boost productivity, so in our selection, we have categorized them into various groups based on this goal:

  • Ads tracking & performance.
  • Content creation: graph & presentation.
  • Content creation: photo editing.
  • Content creation: podcasts, webinars, & questionnaires.
  • Content creation: video.
  • Content creation: visual & design.
  • Content distribution.
  • Content research.
  • Content writing & optimization.
  • CRM: database.
  • Data measurement.
  • Email marketing & automation.
  • Note-taking.
  • Project management.
  • Social media tracking.
  • Web complements: Chatbots.
  • Web complements: Lead capture.

Each of these categories contains between 10 and 20 tools that we carefully selected based on a variety of criteria.

First, we prioritize those we know firsthand and have used directly, followed by those our clients and friends have recommended. Finally, there are some that we discovered through internet recommendations that appear to be very good at first glance!

Of course, we have not been able to test them all, so we've compiled pros and cons from different sources. If there is anything incorrect or if there's any tool that you believe should be there, please let us know and we will add it.

We have included for each tool a link to the website, a brief description, and 1-5 pros and cons. As previously stated, some reviews may have come from the internet, feel free to ask for changes by writing to:

Are you ready to learn about the +200 marketing tools that will help you increase your productivity in 2023? 👇👇👇

The final list: +200 marketing tools

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