Virtual coffee ☕️: Marketing strategies

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Lucia Pons

Jan 04, 2023

Virtual coffee: Marketing Strategies

Ingrid Cesareo, Marketing Manager at Haddock, and Tomas Carchio, Growth Hacker - Strategist at Avalon3 Agency, joined Inés Guerra, GTM at Gretel, for a collaborative webinar conversation. They spoke about the most effective marketing strategies they managed during 2022. They also briefly touched on the marketing trends for the following year, 2023.

What subjects were covered, and what stands out? Watch the video or read the summary below! 👇

1. Which of your strategies from 2022 have proven to be the most effective?

⚙️Marketing automation: automated strategies using WhatsApp and email marketing.

🔑Problem-focused communication: change the message and concentrate on the issue rather than the features.

🔎Remarketing: influence the user when he or she engages in specific activities, but refrain from being overly intrusive and look out for your user.

👤Giving users individualized attention: this will help them feel more personally connected to the brand.

🧠Creativity: "The solution is creativity if you don't have resources." If you're looking for campaigns to gather contacts, the trick is to create an action that sparks interest and be inventive in how you collect their contact information, like their email address.

It's critical to understand your target audience and buyer persona in order to apply these strategies. The buyer persona should be defined through a very thorough analysis that encompasses the methods of operation, the most popular platforms, routines, and preferences of your target audience. If you don't have a lot of resources, you can still accomplish this by speaking with and meeting with your own customers to learn how certain features, messages, etc. affect them. Also, keep in mind that, "if you measure your results correctly, all campaigns are real-time market research."

It's interesting to consider that there might be multiple buyer personas, and each one needs to be examined separately. View our buyer persona template here.

Once we have decided which strategies to use and developed the buyer personas, the data holds the key. From that initial step, finding precise information is now of utmost importance. We have a ton of data, but the crucial part is figuring out which metrics apply to you. Furthermore, test a wide range of options. Looking at your data carefully is the only way to figure out which strategies work best for us and which ones don't.

"All campaigns are real-time market research, if you measure your results correctly." - Tomás Carchio.

2. How can creativity be used in challenging and complex environments?

Tomás offered the following advice, which we can use to develop more inventive content strategies:

  1. Introduction: introducing who you are.
  2. What hurts you: detect the pain.
  3. Commercial hook 📌: how you are different from the competition. Differentiation can be by being a boutique operation, experts in a sector, experience, variation, breadth of service, etc. The trick is to incorporate this differentiation into the discourse.
  4. Validation of the proposal: testimonials.
  5. Call to action.

3. What trends, creativity, and innovations are you anticipating for 2023?

  • PLG strategy (product-led growth): a technique for using a product by a customer without involving the sales staff. Check more information here.
  • Customer success: knowing your users and where they are in the sales funnel.
  • Quickly digestible content: short videos.
  • Google Analytics 4: with new metrics.
  • Marketing automation: artificial intelligence applied.
  • Workfluencers: employees who share your content and are enthusiastic about your business.
  • Speech analytics: foretell user metrics, trends, and actions.
"The important thing is to obtain actual data, not just "data." We have a ton of data, but what matters is which metrics apply to you." - Ingrid Cesáreo.

4. What can we do to enhance content production?

  • Always test the content we are going to produce with users, and get to know them, as we previously mentioned.
  • Content developed from user problems is structured to be helpful to users and begins by addressing their problems.
  • Breaking with convention and innovating.
  • Be genuine and close to the user in your messaging to pique their interest.
  • Clearly defined mission and vision: illustrate corporate identity.
"The battle for attention is on. Engagement with meaningless things is declining, while interest in useful things is increasing." - Tomás Carchio.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed this talk as much as we did and that you can use the insights to improve your 2023 marketing plan.

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