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Top skills every Digital Marketing Manager should have

Top hard and soft skills from a Digital Marketing Manager

Training and learning capacity, listening to their environment and strategy, and performance measurement are just some of them.
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Lucia PonsMay 29, 2023
The importance of analyzing and collecting marketing data

Most viewed pages. Traffic by country. Engagement.

At Gretel, we meet daily with marketing profiles to learn how to best present information from their campaigns. Check out our improvements.
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Lucia PonsMay 22, 2023
An Examination of the Most Popular Marketing Jobs

The most popular Digital marketing positions in 2023

Marketing Manager? Marketing Strategist? Content Manager? If you still have doubts about how to differentiate them, read our article.
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Lucia PonsMay 22, 2023
Guide to Search Engine Optimize (SEO) your blog content

Guide to improve the positioning from your blog in Google

If you have a blog, follow this guide to easily improve the SEO and Google ranking of your articles.
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Lucia PonsMay 17, 2023
The importance of analyzing and collecting marketing data

Stay ahead of the game analyzing your marketing data

Whether you're doing blog posts, ads, or social media, you need to analyze how your strategies are performing so you can keep killing it!
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Lucia PonsMay 12, 2023
How to Set Up Google Analytics 4

How to quickly set up Google Analytics 4

Not yet using GA4? We'll leave you here with a quick guide to define your metrics and set up your new GA4 account!
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Lucia PonsMay 5, 2023
Blog - Digital marketing performance metrics marketers should track

16 Marketing Performance Metrics you should know

CAC, ROI, CPL, CPC, MRR, LTV, or churn rate... you should know these terms to control your business and marketing efforts.
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Lucia PonsMay 2, 2023
About us How has Gretel raised $700,000

How did we raised a $700,000 pre-seed round

Are you a startup thinking about fundraising? Our CEO explains how we raised $700K in our first year. 🎉
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Martí GouApr 27, 2023
Google Ads playing smart

Guía para sacar el máximo de tus anuncios de Google

Si utilizas Google Ads, consulta esta guía para encontrar la mejor estrategia para alcanzar a tu target.
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Lucia PonsApr 25, 2023
Virtual coffee ☕️ Video marketing strategy

Virtual coffee ☕️: Video marketing strategy

In this webinar, we met with Maialen Carrasco, CRO at Vidext and expert in video strategy, to discuss different video techniques.
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Lucia PonsMar 28, 2023