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Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads: which suits you better?

Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads: differences an similarities

Does Facebook Ads work better for your company than Instagram Ads? Check out their differences!
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Lucia PonsJan 9, 2023
Virtual coffee: Marketing Strategies

Virtual coffee ☕️: Marketing strategies

Summary of the virtual coffe with Ingrid Cesareo, Marketing Manager, and Tomas Carchio, Growth Hacker Strategist.
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Ines GuerraJan 4, 2023
Google Ads playing smart

Guide to get the most of your Google Ads

If you are thinking of starting to use Google Ads, check out this guide to find the most effective game plan.
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Lucia PonsDec 13, 2022
Data-driven marketing and marketing data insights

Data-driven marketing and marketing data insights FAQs

Read our FAQs for data-driven marketing and marketing data insights to better understand these concepts and the differences.
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Darià ArtiolaNov 25, 2022
500 marketing terms

+500 marketing terms you should know

We've built a marketing dictionary with +500 marketing terms and expressions that we've heard and Googled over the years.
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Lucia PonsNov 24, 2022
Google Analytic 4 Tips

Top Google Analytics metrics to track in GA4

We check some of the changes from GA to GA4 in some key metrics: Pageviews, Acquisition channels, Conversion rate, Bounce rate.
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Darià ArtiolaNov 17, 2022
From data-driven to insight-driven

Convert your Marketing Data into powerfull Decisions

According to 43% of CMOs, marketing technology, data, and analytics are their top priorities that will let us make better decisions.
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Lucia PonsNov 8, 2022
From 0 to 1. Journey of a startup in development

From 0 to 1. Journey of a startup in development

Although we still can't say that this will be the final, we now have a clear idea of what Gretel will look like and how we plan to make it.
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Lucia PonsNov 1, 2022
How will AI rule the world? (by

How will AI rule the world? (by

This article has been written by an AI content writer: Do you want to know how AI is planning to rule the world? Sit and read.
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Lucia PonsOct 26, 2022
Guide to create a Looker Studio to track your data

Track your marketing data with Looker Studio

If you don’t have enough budget to hire a data analyst, use our guide to set up a free dashboard in Looker Studio to analyze your data!
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Lucia PonsOct 12, 2022