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Alex Hughes

May 22, 2023

The importance of analyzing and collecting marketing data

At Gretel, we meet daily with marketing profiles to learn how to best present information from their campaigns. This week, we go over the advantages of the new Google Analytics 4' Gretel insights.

⚠️ WARNING: You cannot integrate your Google Analytics account with Gretel if you do not yet use GA4. Read our guide to complete the GA4 setting-up in a few clicks.
Discover relevant content for your users

Top 10 pages 👀

Did you know that your latest articles have been much more popular? Maybe if you had been warned, you could have created more related content 🙄... ok, we don't know if that's true or not... but it could happen to you!

You are not alone in feeling this way; FOMO is prevalent in our daily lives. Are we utilizing the appropriate content? Are we focusing our resources well?

Of course, you can spend 30 minutes a day reviewing your blogging and SEO strategy, but Gretel automatically provides a monthly report to help you identify the most popular pages. Easy peasy!

top 10 performing pages GRETEL.PNG
Identify new countries' traffic

Top traffic by country 🌎

Is your website translated for your target audience? If you had been informed that there is an increase in traffic from Spain, you might have thought about translating your website to cater to this market.

Gretel analyzes your users' geographic data on a regular basis, and when it detects a significant change in relevance, Gretel generates an insight that allows you to adapt your content to this new country.

Google Analytic insight countries Gretel.PNG
Find out if your website is improving

Engagement Summary 🤘

Have you recently changed the images on your homepage and haven't had a chance to check the performance? Perhaps if you had been warned that your engagement status had not changed, you would have stopped looking for the next image to upload.

All adjustments need devoting a few hours each day for the first few days to determine whether something is changing. Having a tool like Gretel that summarizes the most important data from your website on a daily basis will help you to determine whether the adjustments you make are increasing conversion, engagement, or bounce rate.

Website performance daily Gretel.PNG

We know there's still much work to be done, and we hope that with your help, we can get there sooner. Looking forward to getting your feedback! 🤖

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