Filtering, Budget insights, and more

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Alex Hughes

Aug 08, 2023


Our most requested feature is here, Filter insights in your feed. Also, new Google Ads budget changes and budget summaries insights, Reactions, and a quick way for you to give feedback.

Filter your insights

One of those features that really changes how you use Gretel.

With insights flowing from your different apps, you can filter and find what you need.

Do you need to see the story of your budget changes and how they impacted performance? Easy!

Head over to Gretel and give it a try. Filter by the different apps you have installed, by the insight type, or jump to a period in time.

New insight - Google Ads budget changes

Whether it's your team or marketing agency making them, you never want to be surprised by budget changes. Our new insight makes sure that will never happen.

You will see real-time updates in Gretel whenever a campaign budget is changed. Transparency FTW!

New insight - Google Ads budget summaries

Alongside our new budget changes insight is our new budget summaries. You'll now get a monthly and mid-month overview of your budget behavior. See your total spend across all campaigns, your per-campaign spend, and more.

changelog august 2

Quick insight feedback

We're always so happy when we hear from you, so we've made it much easier for you to give us feedback about your insights.

Click the new "Feedback" button and let us know your thoughts.


Like what you see? 👍 Dislike what you see? 💩 You know how it works.

Already available in Gretel, Reactions are just one of many social features we're bringing to you and your team.

changelog august 3

More updates, fixes, and improvements

  • Google Ads summaries: we made the reporting of interactions less confusing.
  • New improved emails: we made some nice improvements to our transactional emails (security codes, forgot password, etc.)
  • Connecting apps: Now you can see which of your team connected the application.
  • Refresh your Google Analytics properties: Have you set up a new property? Simply refresh your list and connect it.
  • Google Drive: We made some tweaks and improved the reliability of Google Drive. Go try it.

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