6 New Gretel insights from your marketing apps

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Alex Hughes

Jun 20, 2023


You now have 6 new Google Analytics insights in your Gretel Feed.

You can bookmark insights for quick access, manage team permissions with our improved design, and use Gretel on your phone. Oh, and we've some updates on recent bug fixes too.


New traffic sources

The first of our new Google Analytics insights. You'll now find an insight in your Gretel Feed whenever people visit your website from a new source. Got a new backlink? Some press coverage? Social link? You'll always know how people are coming to your website.

Traffic from different cities

Making sure your traffic is coming from the cities where your company is active is super important. If you get this wrong, you'll lose time and money. That's why we've created a new insight that alerts you to any significant changes to the locations your users are coming from.

Your top 10 pages

Gretel now offers a weekly report of your top 10 visited pages. Identify successful, improving, and declining pages easily. Setting you up to optimize and create more valuable content.


Top 10 traffic sources

Knowing where to best invest your time and money to get users to your website is super important. In your Gretel feed, you'll now see a regular update about how your top 10 sources/mediums are performing and changing.

Mobile, tablet, or desktop

Similar to our city insight, this is all about understanding your audience and ensuring you invest in the right thing. In this case, should you care more about mobile, tablet, or desktop? Find an Insight in your feed updating you on any significant changes.

New events being tracked

We've all been there. "Are we sure the new tracking is working?". To help us all sleep easier, Gretel will now let you know when a new event is being tracked.


Bookmark your most essential insights

Your Gretel feed can move quickly. That's why we've made it possible to Bookmark the insights you'll need later. Hover over the Insight and press the bookmark icon in the top right.

Control who can use company apps

Company apps are data-sharing applications, such as Google Analytics and Google Ads, that enable your entire team to access the data. Only company admins can configure these apps. With this update, admins now have the option to grant non-admins permission to see the insights from these applications as well.


More updates, fixes, and improvements

  • Mobile fixes - Open your browser on your phone and use Gretel on mobile. We've made a whole bunch of fixes.
  • Google Analytics Data Freshness - We fixed an issue that could cause some of your analytics data to be slightly outdated for a few hours.
  • Dates on insights - The dates you now see on insights have been improved. You can now clearly see the date or date range from the source application.
  • Change indicators - We show you which direction the metric has changed on some insights. This is now much easier to understand.
  • Connecting Google Analytics & Ads - No more warnings from Google. We re-authenticated our integrations.
  • Pagination on tables - A significant improvement to tables. When you have more than 5 rows, we'll paginate and allow you to reveal more.

If you have any questions, feel free to send a message to hello@gretel.co.

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