Self-serve, onboarding, and more

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Alex Hughes

Sep 26, 2023

Onboarding Gretel

Gretel is now self-serve! A month of improvements to make it possible for you to try Gretel without any calls or hand-holding from us. You can now sign up and get going all by yourself. Let’s see what improvements made this possible.

New welcome insights

A warmer welcome! When you first enter your Gretel company, you’ll be quickly joined by a new insight guiding you through getting set up. Since we released this new improvement, over 90% of people have gone on to the next step with their onboarding.

Store improvements

We want you to find the app you need and understand how it can help you with as little effort as possible. This quick freshen-up is just another step towards this. A new layout to make scanning easier, and the install button is now unmissable.

Application status (soon)

We hear ya! Sometimes it can be tricky to see if you’ve set up an app correctly. No more. We give you a new app status - “Online” or “Offline”. If your app is “online”, it has been correctly connected and set up to receive insights. If it’s “offline”, you might need to check your app setup.

application status in Gretel app

Speed improvements

The large majority of Gretel is super fast and snappy. Now we’re hard at work making those other parts just as fast. Especially, the speed around the "company create" load time. Thanks to everyone who had that extra bit of patience there!

Help & Support

What would self-serve be without an easy way to contact us? You can now find a help button in the bottom right whenever you have a question. Fun behind-the-scenes fact: We're giving HelpScout a try for our support.

help and support in Gretel app

More updates, fixes, and improvements

  • We fixed a bug that required some users to refresh Gretel to be able to install applications.
  • We corrected the rounding behavior of some budget reporting in Google Ads. It now matches what Google does perfectly.
  • Your Google Analytics device breakdown insights will now be updated throughout the day if you're having GA4 data freshness issues.
  • Some quick usability fixes to the People section in your company.
  • That's all! It's been a quiet month on the bug side.

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