What is a Work OS? Which are the Top 7 work OS in 2022?

A work OS (Work Operating System) compiles all the applications that you are working with to make you stop losing time switching from one to another tab. Find out the best Work OS of 2022.

By Lucia Pons

Growth Marketing Lead


4 Tips to optimize Google Drive.

Here we leave you four essential tips to help you optimize your use of Google Drive while boosting your attention and productivity! Check the most important things to take into account while using it.

By Lucia Pons

Growth Marketing Lead


Focus your team with objectives

When done right, objectives present a clear picture of what you are trying to achieve and show you what that success looks like. With that, you can easier see what your company and teams should be focused on.

By Alex Hughes

Founder, Gretel

Search console thumbnail

5 ways to use Google Search Console data

This quick guide covers 5 ways you can use features in Google Search Console to directly improve your website’s indexing in Google and SEO.

By Darià Artiola

Marketing, Gretel

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