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Alex Hughes

Sep 12, 2022

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Gretel store has a brand new third-party app! And not just any app, it’s the app most requested by all our great early adopters: Google Drive 🙌.

After integrating Notion, we couldn't overlook integrating with Google Drive, a tool with over a billion users. That's a Billion with a B. You can already find all the content you have on Google Drive, from Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and any of your other files in Gretel.

Sharing information with your team is crucial for effective teamwork, and Google Drive's simultaneous editing capabilities have revolutionized the way we work. But, despite all these new features, we are still struggling with informational chaos caused by the growing number of apps we use to store our information, like desktops, websites, Notion, Dropbox, etc.

Gretel lets you connect with all the other applications you use (the most important ones right now 😉 ) while showing you the right document relevant to your goals, meetings, or a specific campaign you are about to launch. Don’t waste time looking up the information! Let Gretel do it for you! 


Finding the right document 🧐

In your workplace, you are working with tons of documents on a daily basis: proposals to review; presentations to make; projects to draft; content to create; etc. If you need to access a specific piece of content your team has been working on, you will probably struggle to find the exact folder where the document is placed.

Gretel Search engine makes it easier for you to locate the document you need, even if you are unsure whether you left it on Drive, Notion, or another tool. After a quick search in Gretel, all the documents related to this search will come to you to let you find what you need easily.

Easily share your documents through Gretel 👯

Make everyone on your team find the right document! Gretel uses the permissions you already have in Google Drive, so if anyone with a Gretel account shares with you a Google Drive document, this document will be automatically updated in Gretel, making it easier to find it again.

But not all documents! 📃

Before asking for it, don’t worry about your personal documents! Your team won’t see the files that you haven’t previously shared with them. They will be only in your Gretel profile 😉

Gretel only brings the data that each user has stored in their applications, making it completely unique and personalized for each user. As a result, neither you nor your team will have access to any of the team members' personal documents that haven’t been shared with you in advance through their apps, in this case, through Google Drive.

Fast updates ⚙️

Gretel is linked to Google Drive via an API, so any changes you make to Google Drive are immediately shared with Gretel. It can take about 2 seconds to update the information! The time spent telling someone you are sharing a document with them.

No matter when you make changes, you will always have new documents readily accessible with the most recent updates and the correct information.

Do you want to improve the way you use Google Drive? Check our article about how to optimize Google Drive and discover interesting tips to improve your experience!

Do you use Drive?

Have all the documents brought to you when you need them in your Gretel feed.