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Alex Hughes

Apr 11, 2022

App Notion integrated

Gretel’s Notion app is here 🚀! We just launched an integration with Notion, one of the most powerful workspaces and a favorite for many members of the Gretel team! 

Before starting, let's introduce: What is Notion? Notion is an incredibly helpful tool for professionals around the world. It helps to schedule tasks, manage files, save documents, set reminders, keep agendas, and organize their work. It's simple to use, easy to learn, and also offers discounts for new and small businesses. Additionally, they have a fantastic Notion Community & Support team that will assist you in starting with the creation of your first few basic pages and databases. 

Over 50% of startups in Y Combinator's recent batch have a Notion workspace, and 90 of Forbes' Cloud 100 companies have a Notion team workspace based on a study from Techcrunch and we are one of them! 😎

A lot of companies also use it to complement their Google Drive documents, as Kopa explains in this article.

However, as with any application that stores all of your pertinent data and documents, it is simple to get buried and lost in the clutter. That’s why integrating Notion into Gretel is the best solution to finding all your documents, no matter where they are stored. Let's find all its benefits!

Don’t get lost in Notion.

As we mentioned above, it's very easy to become disoriented in Notion. You can start building blocks and pages inside pages, and eventually lose track of where to locate a document or specific information you are trying to find.

Although Notion has a powerful search engine, as we mentioned in the article 4 Tips to optimize Google Drive, it's easy to forget where your documents are and whether they are on Notion, Drive, or any other platform.

In just a few clicks, Gretel integrates all of your documents from all of your applications, enabling you to quickly access any document at any time, no matter where it’s stored.

Select the content you want to share.

You will be able to share the documents that are already shared on Notion through Gretel, and also keep the private ones available on your personal profile in the Gretel app.

This will make it easy for you to link your documents to your objectives or other essential tasks within Gretel.

Titles and headers with much more meaning than ever.

Being organized with proper naming of files and information has never been more important than now, especially since the amount of information is growing exponentially. It’s essential when managing different documents with relevant information. The organization is not obtained merely by using folders, but by the organizational structure of headers and related content.

Use a specific nomenclature for your documents and also start using the headers H1, H2, and H3 to locate your information easily. By using titles and subtitles in Notion, Gretel will be able to not only track the file but, more importantly, the relevant information inside. The information you are searching for will then be presented to you with its powerful search engine.

Start now to use Notion and connect all your information in Gretel!

Do you use Notion?

Integrate all your projects and be aware of any change that may affect you in real time.