Behind scenes: What are we building?

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Martí Gou

Mar 28, 2022

Behind scenes: what are we building?
It’s 2022, and we are still manually searching for the data we need to do our jobs.

Why are we losing almost 5 years of our working lives just looking for internal information?

We are tired and frustrated spending 20% of our time looking for information, especially now with remote work. And it’s not only the lost time but the ineffective meetings and endless chats, interrupting coworkers and needing nearly 30 minutes more to refocus again.

If the data exists and has the answers, why doesn’t it tell me without having to search for it? We have more information than ever but it is hidden in the growing number of future work apps used, not accessible to the right employee at the right time.

Existing software today was built with a “hammer & nail” mentality where it’s a tool for the user to use and not an auxiliary brain that works together with the people. The next generation of software needs to adapt to the persons’ needs, who they are, their surrounding environment, and the activity around them.

Who hasn’t asked himself some of the following questions - Who in the company can help me with a specific problem? where can I find the assets used to create content? how can I know what my team is working on? how a marketing campaign is performing… with no clear results.

Gretel is building the next generation of your digital workspace, an intelligent operating system that tells you what’s happening at your company, empowering employees to be better informed at their jobs.

We want to keep building Gretel with you to validate more use cases and help to solve real problems marketing teams face today. We are working on a simple but powerful search engine connected with all the different information spread among the growing number of tools your company uses, such as Notion, Google Drive or Mailchimp. Moreover, you can start working on our built-in apps; these are fully functional applications that you can use right within Gretel. Built-in apps currently allow you to set up your goals, upload company material in the storage app, or announce relevant news in the conversations app.


We will be running user testing with marketing and growth teams of all kinds and from different industries during the next few months, so if you are a marketer and any of this resonates with you, we would like to talk to you.

If you want to know more about what we are building, check out this interview with Roberto Popolizio from Website Planet.

We’ll be sharing all the learnings with you in the following weeks with some exciting news!

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