Your team's new home

Making sure everyone understands their purpose and how they contribute, can speak up and share their voice, and build positive relationships.

Gretel app screen - Base

Make sure everyone is in the know

News gives your team a centralised place to share and keep up with the latest company news, opinions, knowledge sharing, and more.

Gretel app screen - News

A place to have meaningful conversations

Bring your team to a place where conversations have meaning and don’t get lost in chat history. Making sure everyone can make their voice heard.

Gretel app screen - Conversations

Everyone should know what's coming

Rally your team around the driving events in your company. Making sure everyone knows what's coming up and when.

Gretel app screen - Events

Know your teams and the people

More than just your team directory. Teams give a focused way of seeing what your teams and people are focused on.

Gretel app screen - Teams

And more...

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