Follow us as we build Gretel

Here you’ll find the latest updates, improvements, features, and even give you a peek behind the scenes.

Built in app - Storage

The latest built-in app available, Storage is a simple way for you to store your companies files.

Store your files and links in a central place for your team to easily find and access. You and your team can simply upload files, add links, and organize them into folders. A fantastic way to make sure everyone on your team has access to everything they need.

Everything in Storage is then easily found along with all your companies other information within Gretel Search.

Product update
Gretel app - Storage

Built in app - Conversations

Another new built-in app is now available in Gretel. Say hello to Conversations.

A private forum for your company. A place to have thoughtful, focused conversations that drive better decisions, facilitate inclusion, and generate results. Conversations are a great way to ensure your team is not missing essential conversations. Fixing that growing problem of things getting lost in conversation apps like Slack, WhatsApp, and Microsoft teams.

Product update
Gretel - Conversations

Performance - Real time everything

Some under the hood work to make sure that when your company moves, Gretel moves along with it. Not only is Gretel super quick, but everything happens right before your eyes in real-time. As objectives move along, conversations grown, and even when new apps are installed - it happens right there and then.

Product update

Built in app - Objectives

One of the built-in applications available in Gretel is Objectives. Focus your team on a set objective, track progress with key results, and outline how you'll achieve your objectives with initiatives.

Objectives are just one of the apps available in the Gretel Store focused on helping you better manage your company and team.

Product update
Gretel Interface - Objectives

Gretel Store - first look

A big piece of Gretel is our Store. Pick and choose the tools you need to run your company and add them to Gretel. From day 1, we'll have a collection of "built-in" tools which are full apps you can use from within Gretels and 3rd party apps that let you connect to apps your business is already running on.

We'll have more exciting updates and more in-depth previews of the Gretel Store soon.

Product update
First look at the Gretel Store

Multiple company support

Out of the box, you'll be able to use your single Gretel user account to access multiple companies. No need to remember multiple credentials or log in/out to switch between the companies you work for. On top of that, for each company you join - you can set up your own unique profile for that company.

Product update