Manage your objectives in Gretel

Screen built-in app objectives

Our new objectives app

One of the built-in applications available in Gretel is Objectives. Focus your team on a set objective, track progress with key results, and outline how you'll achieve your objectives with initiatives.

Objectives are just one of the apps available in the Gretel Store focused on helping you better manage your company and team.

Multiple company support

Out of the box, you'll be able to use your single Gretel user account to access multiple companies. No need to remember multiple credentials or log in/out to switch between the companies you work for. On top of that, for each company you join - you can set up your own unique profile for that company.

Avatar library

Everyone has a face but sometimes you don't have an avatar. So we built a few options for you to select from. It's just our way of making you a little more unique before you have that perfect photo.

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