Application of the PLG strategy to a SAAS

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Martí Gou

Jun 09, 2022

Application of the PLG stratgey to a SAAS

How are we implementing our go-to-market plan at Gretel? What exactly is a go-to-market plan?

*SAAS: Software as a service

At Gretel, we're using product-led growth as our go-to-market strategy. Here are some of the strategies and tactics we have used thus far to help us succeed.

You may already be aware that product-led growth refers to a business strategy that depends on using your product as the primary method of attracting and keeping customers and organically expanding to others. This is a business strategy where user recruitment, growth, conversion, and retention are all primarily influenced by the product itself. It fosters corporate-wide coordination between departments, from engineering to sales and marketing, around the product as the main driver of long-term, scalable business growth. (

This tactic encourages companies to reverse the conventional sales model by giving the customer the authority to use the product and enjoy a wonderful experience doing so. We tried to figure out how to implement it on Gretel while we began creating all the implementation steps as we were launching it. We read Wes Bush's book, one of the pioneers in this field, and we underlined a few steps.

We began to develop this strategy across the entire organization, not just the sales teams: engineering, marketing, sales, and customer success. And we carried out the following actions:

Build a powerful product that even your grandmother can use.

Alex founded Gretel. Alex is a designer who is completely focused on the user experience rather than the technical aspects of creating artificial intelligence (AI) software. We were crystal clear about the tool's requirements from the start, and they were straightforward: easy.

We drew inspiration from well-known companies like Apple, whose designs are kept simple, clear, and easy to understand in order to achieve our goal of being fluid, clear, and simple to use.

Allow users to try your product before they are willing to pay for it.

We think it's fair that consumers want to get their money's worth before purchasing a product. Don’t you want to try on clothes before buying them?

At Gretel, we’ve been building together with early adopters since we started, and they are helping us refine the solution to provide exactly what they need! You can sign up right here.

Customize user experience; feel the product yours from minute zero.

We wanted to make the experience completely unique, but we were struggling to do so. After several months of research, we created a new integration that enabled us to link Gretel with your company website and import the information from it. As a result, not only the information Gretel finds for you is customized, but you feel the value of Gretel from the second one, with personalized onboarding.

We believe that creating an experience that upholds the company's values and is completely tailored to its brand and needs is essential in today's software-filled world.

Communicate a specific use case that solves a real problem to the right target.

We began with 100 early adopters working at cloud-friendly small and medium enterprises, who tested the tool for three months and were individually questioned to improve our tool and find the best message to concentrate on the issue that Gretel solves.

We discovered that the deluge of information was one of the major issues facing every business we began working with, and it served as our primary source of motivation and inspiration as we continued to develop Gretel. Additionally, we specifically targeted the marketing teams and small tech companies that were most negatively impacted.

Be transparent with pricing. Your clients want to know how much it costs.

Pricing information has not yet been provided, but we are certain that we want it to be straightforward and free of ambiguity.

Keep building with your community and creating useful content for them.

Our main goal is to assist businesses and advance how we operate. We want marketers and small businesses to put their hands up and support us as we build our platform. We also want to share with them all the information and wisdom that we have learned along the way.

We are still figuring out how to best put new ideas into practice that are the best for growing a software company, and we'll keep you informed of everything as it happens.

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