Get insights from all your marketing data and make smarter decisions.

Meet Gretel, your favorite AI-powered digital marketing assistant.

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Make decisions based on your data in real-time.

Get proactive insights in real-time.

Gretel detects events and changes in your apps, analyzes them, and brings you insights to help you make the right decision.

Get the right data based on your usage.

Gretel adapts the insights based on who you are, the apps you use, and your preferences to give you personalized data.

Save the time spent searching for the data.

Change the 80/20 Rule of Data Science! Let Gretel find, clean, and organize the data, so you can focus on what to do next.

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Be the first to know what’s going on!

Always be aware of changes and anomalies.

Gretel Insights brings you all the relevant information and anomalies you need to be aware of from your daily marketing apps!

Simplify the way you find your data.

Stop wasting time on complex dashboards to know what’s going on. Let Gretel bring you what you need to focus on in a concise feed.

Get yourself and your team aligned with your data.

Share all relevant insights with your team to be aligned with your data, or pick back up with bookmarks when the time is right for you.

How does Gretel work?

1. Bring all your data together

Connect your data from Google Drive, Google Analytics, or Mailchimp with two clicks to be analyzed.

2. Get proactive insights

Gretel will notify you in real-time whenever it finds critical information that you should know right away.

3. Make smart decisions

Share insights with your team, and bookmark relevant insights to make smarter decisions.

Gretel has everything you need:

Make data-driven decisions.

Make data-driven decisions.

Have the right data to be informed immediately and make the most effective decisions faster.

Always be aware.

Always be aware.

We'll make sure you're up to speed, and are notified at the right time about the important things.

Discover the unknown.

Discover the unknown.

Gretel will look at all the data that affects your campaigns, and let you know what's going on.

Save time switching apps.

Save time switching apps.

Have all your data in one place, and stop wasting time by going from one app to another.

Finally, align your team.

Finally, align your team.

Share all relevant insights and data with your team, so you can all be on the same page.

All your data is secure.

All your data is secure.

Gretel stores the data used by you securely with our secure-by-design infrastructure.

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