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Google Analytics

Make sure you know who your audience are and how they are using your website.

Discover new insights from your data, stay looped in, and detect unexpected behavior.

  • Know the sources that are driving the most traffic.
  • Discover where your users are coming from.
  • Detect metrics that are having unusual behavior based on your historical data.
  • Be alerted on new acquisition channels.
  • Be aware of which pages are getting more views.
  • Find engagement patterns within all your audience activities.

Validate the hypothesis of your initiatives, discover unexpected behaviors from your audience, and start optimizing your marketing efforts where you’ll have more impact, doubling down on what’s working.


  • AnomaliesAnomalies

    Alerts unusual peaks or dropoffs based on previous data.

  • FindingsFindings

    Understand your top sources, mediums, pages, devices, and more

  • SummariesSummaries

    Shows weekly summaries of your website performance.


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