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The easiest way to understand your websites performance and your users behavior.

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Unlock the power of your Google Analytics data with Gretel. Designed with non-analytics marketing managers in mind, this feature offers a straightforward way to gain a clear overview of your digital presence.

🛸 New Insights

Effortlessly discover fresh insights, stay informed, and identify unexpected patterns within your data.

🎢 Acquisition Channels

Quickly understand which channels are driving the most users to your site for smarter marketing decisions.

🌋 Behavior Alerts

Get alerts on unusual metric behaviors, allowing you to act promptly on any deviations from historical trends.

🥂 Page Popularity

Easily identify which pages are attracting more views, guiding you to focus on what interests your audience most.

Validate the hypothesis of your initiatives, discover unexpected behaviors from your audience, and start optimizing your marketing efforts where you’ll have more impact, doubling down on what’s working.