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Get full visibility of your contacts and deals across all your acquisition funnel.

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Using Gretel and HubSpot together transforms how you navigate your marketing and sales funnel, giving you a transparent view that bridges the gap between marketing efforts and sales outcomes.

πŸ€“ Transparency in the Acquisition Funnel

Gain increased visibility into your marketing acquisition funnel. This integration allows you to see clearly how your marketing strategies are contributing to the sales pipeline, enabling you to pinpoint areas for optimization.

πŸ€– Insight into Leads and Deals

Dive deeper into the quality and quantity of leads generated and understand the attributes of deals being closed. With Gretel and HubSpot, you get a real-time look at your lead generation and conversion processes, helping you to fine-tune your approach for maximum effectiveness.

πŸ‘― Enhanced Marketing-Sales Alignment

Open new levels of data access for marketing teams, enabling them to better support sales efforts. With insights previously out of reach now shared seamlessly between marketing and sales, operations are more inline, leading to enhanced collaboration and enabling a joint approach to driving conversions.

Gretel's HubSpot integration isn't just another tool in your arsenal; it's the boost your marketing and sales game needs.