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Stay in control of your Google Ads campaigns with real-time alerting and a performance overview.

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Maximize the effectiveness of your advertising efforts with Gretel's integration for Google Ads. Our integration is designed to keep you fully informed and in control of your digital marketing strategy, ensuring that your campaigns are not only reaching their targets but also providing the best return on investment.

🚨 Real-Time Alerts and Updates

Be the first to know about any critical changes to your Google Ads campaigns. Whether it's a modification in ad strategy or a shift in audience targeting, Gretel ensures you're always in the loop.

Campaign Overview

Gain a holistic view of all your active Google Ads campaigns at a glance. Understand where every dollar of your budget is going and what impact it's having on your overall marketing strategy.

Budget Control

Keep a tight rein on your advertising spend with Gretel's proactive budget management features. Receive alerts when changes are applied to your campaigns, ensuring that every adjustment is aligned with your financial strategies and goals.

Connecting Gretel to your Google Ads sets you up to really boost your campaigns. With all the real-time updates, a clear view into your ads' performance, and smart automatic insights. Gretel makes sure your campaigns are running smoothly and driving the results you want.