What is a Gretel built-in app?

By Alex Hughes

Founder, Gretel

Built-in applications (apps) are those amazing apps that run inside Gretel. These are fully functioning apps built from scratch by us (the Gretel Team). You can use them on either a company or individual level. 

With these internal apps, we provide you with your essential toolkit - everything you need to work efficiently. These apps enhance or streamline your current stack to make your work easier and support you in maintaining focus on what really matters.

Stop accessing thousands of different applications and find everything you need on Gretel! 🎯 

The Gretel Store is where you can find all the applications available within Gretel, both built-in and third-party apps, and install the applications that fit you better.

Gretel dock showing built-in apps

Gretel is fully integrated with the third-party tools you already use at your company (well, most of them!). By integrating them, you are able to see how intelligent our tool is and how Gretel suggests and advises the best moves to be made based on your requirements. And they can be used on either a company or individual level. 

Admin users will have the additional option of installing applications for everyone on their team, ensuring that all are using the same tools. 

The build-in apps we currently have available at Gretel are: 

📢 News

A wall where you can post all the pertinent details about your business. This can be used as the primary channel for crucial alerts and announcements to keep everyone informed and on the same page. Have you ever dreamed about stop missing important discussions frequently lost in chat apps like Slack, WhatsApp, or Microsoft Teams? We got you.

🎯 Objectives

This is one of our favourite apps to make sure everyone in your team is moving in the same direction. You can express clear and concise what needs to be done to improve your business. No matter the kind of objectives you use, you can set goals, take actions, and get results while using a clever system that enables you to monitor your progress and meet your goals. And moreover, you will have access to your team goals! Isn't that the real alignment?

📂 Storage

Extra space to easily organize your files and links. You can upload files, include links, and group them into folders with your team. We are used to keeping files in different applications, but what about links? Probably lost into some bookmarks folders... not able to be shared with your team. Using Gretel storage, you will guarantee that your team has access to everything they require.

💻 Website

Make your web pages and the data from your other applications easily accessible to your team! And don't worry, only pages from your sitemap will be available and linked, making it simple to overlook crucial information for your team.

📅 Calendar

This is what all marketers dream about. Finally, a shared calendar for all teams to collaborate and be aligned. You will be able to create a marketing content calendar, a social calendar, a roadmap calendar, and more. Each event is organized to easily see the people involved and you will be able to link all the documents needed from across your Google Drive, Notion, Objectives, and other apps.

With this essential toolkit, you and your team can have all your important data in a single tool! Stop wasting time on useless tasks and start focusing with Gretel! 

Are we missing something from your essential toolkit? Write to us and let us know 😃

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