List of marketing communities 2022

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Lucia Pons

Jan 12, 2023

List of marketing communities 2022

Networking is essential for professional growth and learning from people with more experience than you and different perspectives. Networking also helps for publicizing your product or service, especially in small businesses or start-ups with limited or reduced budgets. But, with whom should we network? 📘

At Gretel, since we are developing a marketing tool, we are constantly growing and learning from other marketers like you in order to adapt and create valuable content and a valuable product for you. Throughout 2022, the marketing team has been joining many marketing communities and testing the best ones out there.

That's why in this article, we want to share with you a compilation of the most vibrant communities for marketers in 2022, along with some of our own comments and the level of interaction from each channel. With this information, you can choose and test the ones that work best for you!

Find your marketing community!

Find your marketing community! Access to the list of almost 100 communities for marketers for free and find the best one for you.

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Small note: marketing communities (no matter if they are free or paid) are channels where many marketers join to share their own experiences and where spam is usually controlled, filtered, and eliminated. If you join these communities, take advantage of their full potential by being genuine and providing value to each community. Only then will people see the value of your actions. They will be more open to connecting with you and be interested in your products or tools. This is a long-term strategy, but it will grow your network and help you learn faster!

If we missed any channel or community, write to us at and we will add it!

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