Meet Gretel. The first AI-powered marketing assistant.

Gretel brings intelligence to marketing departments, connecting all your data together and finding what’s needed for you at every moment.

Gretel Feed with Insights

Do you know what's happening in real-time? Gretel does.

Be the first to know.

Forget about checking complex dashboards. See your insights and events in real-time on your Gretel feed.

Be aware of unusual behaviors.

Know when an email campaign is not performing well, or when a piece of content is hitting it!

Don’t miss trending topics.

Get notified when your team is changing any page on Notion, or when there is a hot conversation!

Gretel Search

Do you know where to find the relevant data? Gretel does.

Always be informed.

Be always aware of any changes, no matter if they are in Notion, Stripe, Mailchimp, or Google Analytics.

Save time by closing your tabs!

Have all your data in one place, and stop wasting time by going from one app to another.

Discover the unknown.

Gretel will look at all the data, even the weird stuff that affects your campaigns, and let you know what's going on.

Gretel example insights

Do you focus on what’s relevant? Gretel does.

Connect all your information.

Configure all the apps you use: Notion, Google sheets, Stripe, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, etc.

Personalized for you.

Gretel adapts the proactive insights based on your profile and what data / apps you use most.

At the right moment.

Gretel shows you the insights that you need at the time you need them by learning from your habits.

Gretel re-find insights

Do you know what to do next? Gretel does.

Make data-driven decisions.

Have the right data to be informed immediately and make the most effective decisions faster.

Align your team.

Share all relevant insights with your team, so you can all be aligned together with your data.

Quickly pick back up.

Pick back up right from where you left off when the time is right for you.

Gretel has everything you need:

Always be aware.

Always be aware.

We'll make sure you're up to speed, and are notified at the right time about the important things that happen within Gretel.

Access from everywhere.

Access from everywhere.

You can access Gretel from any browser with an internet connection, no matter if it’s on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Proactive insights.

Proactive insights.

Stop looking for the data on complex dashboards. Gretel brings you insights with the right data you need at every moment.

Better together!

Better together!

Invite your marketing team. Use Gretel in collaboration with your marketing team, aligning your information and data.

Work with different companies.

Work with different companies.

If you are working with multiple companies, you can easily set up and quickly switch between multiple companies within Gretel.

Constantly updated.

Constantly updated.

Gretel is constantly updated with new features, so it will only get better from here! You can help us to grow by writing to us.

Keep it on brand.

Keep it on brand.

Your new work environment can be personalized with your company's wallpaper. Add the colors and logo of your company.

Built for speed

Built for speed

Things in Gretel happen in real-time across all users and applications that you have connected.

Gretel respects your data.

Gretel respects your data.

Gretel only stores the data it needs to be used by you, and it will be stored securely with our secure-by-design infrastructure.

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