About us: Our values and mission.

By Martí Gou

Co-founder & CEO

Gretel is an operating system company that was founded with the goal of revolutionizing how people work by creating the next-generation digital workspace for businesses.


Our vision is to become the end-to-end intelligent operating system for SMEs, more intelligent than any other, bringing data to employees without their needing to look for it.

Gretel is a more intelligent operating system than any other we’ve used so far, bringing your data together and locating precisely what you need before you even realize you need it. We combine user experience and intelligence to develop a revolutionary platform that is engaging, personalized, and all-encompassing while remaining simple to use for everyone. 

Gretel is a creative start-up with the mission of connecting people to the knowledge they need to do their jobs more effectively. Moving quickly, remaining upbeat, and consistently picking up new knowledge and ideas are the three principles that we hold central to everything we do. As a company, we will never stray from these values. 

We think that the only way to advance as desired is to be adaptable and move quickly. We have a natural inclination to move quickly. We put in a lot of effort, but never forget to enjoy the journey. We approach every task with complete confidence in our ability to succeed, and we approach every challenge head-on with optimism and innovative solutions. We firmly believe that life should be enjoyable. This promotes a more optimistic outlook, greater wellbeing, and better mental health.

We face obstacles, just like any other early-stage startup, but we see each one as an opportunity to advance. The team behind Gretel actively pursues new knowledge and concepts every day, truly embracing the entrepreneurial mindset. We think that everyone's voice matters and that there are always opportunities to learn from those around you. 

Every decision we make will be guided by our core values, which we hope to communicate to our users and to our system as a whole.

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