Have better conversations in Gretel

Conversations index screen

Another new built-in app is now available in Gretel. Say hello to Conversations.

A private forum for your company. A place to have thoughtful, focused conversations that drive better decisions, facilitate inclusion, and generate results. Conversations are a great way to ensure your team is not missing essential conversations. Fixing that growing problem of things getting lost in conversation apps like Slack, WhatsApp, and Microsoft teams.

Performance - Real-time everything

Some under the hood work to make sure that when your company moves, Gretel moves along with it. Not only is Gretel super quick, but everything happens right before your eyes in real-time. As objectives move along, conversations grow, and even when new apps are installed - it happens right there and then.

Permission improvements

We've been working to make permissions even more powerful by adding improved flexibility. Throughout Gretel, you can now control whether specific people, teams, everyone, or just you can view content being created.

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