Organise your files and links in Gretel

Storage app screen showing files

The latest built-in app available, Storage is a simple way for you to store your companies files.

Store your files and links in a central place for your team to easily find and access. You and your team can simply upload files, add links, and organize them into folders. A fantastic way to make sure everyone on your team has access to everything they need.

Everything in Storage is then easily found along with all your companies other information within Gretel Search.

Improved navigation

Navigating through Search and between apps in Gretel gives you a real sense of focus but sometimes you just need to get home. So we've made it more obvious to return to your company home with navigation improvements.


Your start screen is something you see a lot and we wanted to make sure it felt like you and/or your company. So now you can select from a library of backgrounds or even set a company-wide background and let your brand shine through.

Company admins

From your company settings, you can set the admins for your company. These team members have superpowers to install apps, add more team members, manage billing, and more.

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